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Trip Management

Transform the way your business operates by improving your customer service and reducing the time you spend on organizing the office.


Routing - Task Assignment

Optimize routes by automatically sending and receiving trip details and updates to and from the drivers.


Vehicle Maintenance

Stay informed and receive updates on your next service for each vehicle, MOT, premium payment, oil change and many other events for each vehicle.


Temperature Logger for refrigerator trucks

Take advantage of the EN12830 certification that comes with our system which make it a certified recorder for your refrigerator truck cabin temperatures, so you do not need to buy a separate recorder


Real Time Planning

Get real control of your corporate vehicles and plan your schedules and tasks in real time from wherever you are with easy access from your computer or smart mobile phone or tablet

We offer you

Uninterrupted Operation Guarantee

24-hour Customer Service Center 24/7

Certification of EN12830 Temperature Logger

Transform your Corporate Fleet with GPS Technology

Upgrade the transport services you provide to your customers by optimizing the performance of your vehicle fleet through GPS technology.

Vehicle Location Detection

Locate the geographic location of a single business vehicle or your entire fleet and coordinate your transport work in the best possible way in real time.


Tablet Signature Receipt

Confirms receipt of goods by the customer with the recipient's signature on the driver's tablet.


Optimum Route

By introducing product delivery or service delivery geographies, the system automatically calculates the optimal route and assigns it to the driver.


Documents Dispatch

The driver can send the signed documents from the client to the office


Written Update to and from the Driver

The Telenoisis app offers drivers the possibility of safe and direct communication of the traffic office with the driver and vice versa through text messaging.



The traffic office has access to the data recorded by the vehicle's CanBus function.


Optimum Organization Better results

Organize and plan your business's workload in better and more efficiently

Μεταφορές Courier Logistics
Μεταφορές Ευπαθών Προϊόντων
Λύσεις για Απορριματοφόρα
Σχολικά και Πούλμαν Σχολείων
Rent a Car & Car Leasing

Cut down on Fleet Running Expenses


By coordinating your corporate vehicles in real-time, you cut down the operating costs by implementing a better and more targeted strategy for the allocation of your corporate resources.


Fleet Safety


The Telenoisis software allows you to always be in direct and secure communication with the driver who can alert the back office in case of danger.


Improving Business Productivity


Our advanced telematics technology allows you to better serve your customers by meeting their requirements as high as they are.      


Quality Transfer Guarantee


The certification of the Telenoisis system of Navigate Telematics bu the standard EN 12830 guarantees the transportation of the products in perfect conditions.



Profit Calculation

Live Presentation

New Services

Custom made Fleet Management and Tracking Solutions

In Navigate we offer you not just a telematics system for vehicles but we offer you a fully qualified solution that is appropriate for your requirements and help you save and achieve your goal whatever it may be. Contact us today for a specialized discussion of your requirements.

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