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Telenoisis Container

Only we offer you the most reliable solutions for the control and management of containers.

container2Telenoisis ContainerTrack

The Telenoisis ContainerTrack solution is suitable for all types of containers and lets you know exactly who is in every container. It consists of a wireless tracking unit that operates autonomously with internal battery and performs the same functions just like any other module detection. Does not require any kind of installation and placement is a very simple process. Simply place the device in the container you wish to track and record movements, easily and simply. The powerful magnets available to the base of the device allow you any time you wish to place the wireless device to another container. The special unit tracking has great battery life and remote activation and management. Placed in any container as the container for ships and other transport. This is a product of the highest technology with innovative applications.
You'll know the exact location of each container of your computer from anywhere. In case of breach or removal of the unit will have real-time special notice.

container3Telenoisis ContainerSecure

The Telenoisis ContainerSecure system is specially designed to provide flexible control and monitoring of cargo containers.The system is easily fitted to the door of the container and the whole installation procedure is completed in just one minute. You can track all the way below the container and be informed if someone tries to open or broken doors of the container.The system Telenoisis ContainerSecure based on an autonomous tracking device along with the lock can be easily installed and removed by authorized users. If you receive notice of violation for the unauthorized removal of the system.

Using the Telenoisis ContainerSecure system now you can:

  • Know the location of each container and keep track of
  • Prevent the theft of cargo since contacted immediately in case of violation of containers and removal of the load
  • Be notified immediately in case of removal or tampering of the system
  • Give the opportunity for customers to monitor in real time the exact location and route of the goods found in containers.

Custom made Fleet Management and Tracking Solutions

In Navigate we offer you not just a telematics system for vehicles but we offer you a fully qualified solution that is appropriate for your requirements and help you save and achieve your goal whatever it may be. Contact us today for a specialized discussion of your requirements.

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