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dimoi21Telenoisis Solutions for Local Government

For a cleaner and greener city

With position indicator and other evidence, the administrator in the office of the City traffic remains aware of the location of each vehicle in real time the map is visible to normal, satellite and hybrid form. The indications of date and time, address, direction, speed, attitude, and plate open or closed engine makes positioning of vehicles and obtaining and gathering details about each vehicle simple.
Using the above data stored in the system is able to replicate the route every day of vehicle routes and previous days. Finally, an important advantage is that deterrence is achieved and vehicle operating in the restricted dates and times.

Main indications

  • Renewal frequency of date 1-10 seconds per indications
  • Display date / time
  • Display address
  • Indication of the direction
  • Speed ​​Indicator
  • Indicator stops
  • Duration of calls at a point
  • Indicator plate
  • Display open / closed machine
  • Maximum speed display
  • Using the vehicle out of work
  • Display the total mileage
  • Deviation from designated routes
  • Working time drivers
  • Display mode drivers and driver education
  • Indication of fuel consumption
  • Position indicator and time for opening / your guidance Close the fuel cap
  • Schedules and routes

dimoi3The determination of the optimal path between two points of the City is now automatically by the system to use is best route.
It is also possible to find the distance of all vehicles of the municipality selected by point and control vehicles from crossing certain points (eg, passing time, length of stop, vehicle ID)
The operation of the office of the Municipality of motion is simplified since the system now automatically record the entry and exit of vehicles from the parking spots, the duration of parking of vehicles in the parking lot, the exact time of separation from the parking area, the duration of the trip, the total km route as well as the exact time of return to the parking and mileage.

6263687 pin with stuck into a map with magnifying glassPoints of Interest

By adding points of interest on the map show the points that are important to determine the distance and frequency of transit vehicles. It is also possible to calculate the distance of the vehicle from any point of interest and control entry and exit points not permitted.
It is also possible notice of entry and exit of the vehicle within a predetermined map.


The optimal path function essentially reduces mileage, thus reducing the fuel. The recording of fuel consumed provides the ability to monitor fuel costs. Further reduction of fuel is achieved by using sensors to fuel record all movement in a vehicle's fuel tank, resulting in efforts to detect tampering of the actual fuel consumption.


The Administrator of the vehicles must know the dates of pre-maintenance and vehicle inspection. The use of the system achieves the purposes of providing technical support and maintenance service of vehicles. In particular this is achieved by using the tool "alert service" system.
With this information can be timely planned and carried out this work in order to minimize the impact on the functioning of the municipality. The manager knows how many hours the vehicle remained open the machine in motion, open the camera without moving and how many hours the vehicle remained closed to the machine.

Machinery Project

Offered the record of machines belonging to the municipality and those who have been hired. And what machines are used at construction project and how many hours they work. It is possible to determine the cost per machine construction project and activity. Controlling the activity of the machine is supported by the ability update in real time through automated alerts if the machines are in operation within hours and the default zone.


Using the system facilitates communication between the office or center traffic management vehicles in the municipality and drivers. The center can communicate with drivers of all vehicles with messages and receive answers. Furthermore it is possible to communicate the drivers of all vehicles between them regardless of the distance they are from the center.


Using the system is automatically recorded and detailed written report per day / month:
working hours of drivers
the total distance traveled,
of speeding
The driving
Report on how to drive (hard braking, speeding, rapid acceleration, etc.) With this the administrator can make recommendations to drivers to be a better way to drive resulting in less wear and fewer vehicle exhaust.
This also ensures increased safety in case of accident. Immediately alert a manager and sends help


Further security is achieved by use of the term maximum speed and the possibility of stopping the vehicle in peripyosi theft.