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Fuel Distribution

oiltankertruck1Telenoisis Fuel

Now with specialized Telenoisis Fuel System you too can ensure safe transportation and fuel distribution.

route3Best and most efficient trips / routes

By monitoring on the map the actual location of the reception and delivery of fuel allows you to be sure of the path made by the vehicle.Furthermore you can set the map customers and your suppliers as points of interest to show clearly which parts of the vehicle has passed, what time was in each of the points of delivery and how long they remained there.

oiltankertruck2Driving Behaviour

The new system Telenoisis you to know how to drive your drivers and allows you to push a button to know how each driver's driving and the exact number of hard braking and abrupt accelerations were thus reduce accidents while promoting a more economical and safe driving. Your guides may be obtained from a special display that will be placed in the waiting room for what tinkalyteri and watching the short distance routes already realized their colleagues.

fuelcap1Alarm for the un-authorised opening of fuel filler closure

Be aware of the unauthorised transporting fuel. If the vehicle is stopped at some place and someone opens one of the plugs fuel out of the vehicle an alarm will immediately be sent to you to notify you for this move, and the incident will be recorded in the respective reports and system alerts.

Driver Safety

At the same time knowing all the moves of your drivers have the ability to offer immediate help guide you in an emergency.

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Custom made Fleet Management and Tracking Solutions

In Navigate we offer you not just a telematics system for vehicles but we offer you a fully qualified solution that is appropriate for your requirements and help you save and achieve your goal whatever it may be. Contact us today for a specialized discussion of your requirements.

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