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transportcompany1Telenoisis Transport

With the Telenoisis Transport solution you can guarantee your clients a timely and safe transportation of their cargo.

transportcompany2In transport, the use of the Telenoisis Transport offers unique advantages and strengths in solving your hands literally, by minimizing the possibility of time travel, increasing thus the productivity in the performance of duties while saving fuel and controlling costs.

Analysing routes and their correct control is equivalent to increasing the productivity of the fleet and is an efficient way of maintenance schedules and lower operating costs. It is important to maintain control of the fleet and travel, so that goods are delivered safely and intact.

eye4The Telenoisis Transport System is a fleet management system in real time, based on GPS technology and GSM. Through the various reports can optimize routes, the instantaneous control of the actual position of the vehicle, monitor their speed, and the creation of points of interest. The system is easy to handle and is designed for use by people without much knowledge of computers.
Proven safety and transportation costs reduction!

The system allows for cost reduction, through analysis of several components of the fleet, as the paths that have taken place, the kilometers traveled, the daily use, misuse of vehicles by drivers and by analyzing the behavior of vehicles, such as abnormal fuel consumption, average consumption and short term.

stock photo lifesaver floating in a binary data sea digital illustration 147263441You can even prevent or take action in time to dangerous situations for the vehicle and the load or the driver, for example in cases of dangerous materials or high value cargo. In emergency situations the driver activates the panic button, alerting the administrator immediately of the fleet, which has the ability to immobilize the vehicle's computer. There are also automatic alarms for excessive stops, opening the door to non-prescribed areas or deviation from the prescribed route. This way you can safeguard the security of cargo, which increases productivity by controlling costs and efficiency of services.

Custom made Fleet Management and Tracking Solutions

In Navigate we offer you not just a telematics system for vehicles but we offer you a fully qualified solution that is appropriate for your requirements and help you save and achieve your goal whatever it may be. Contact us today for a specialized discussion of your requirements.

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