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Our Philosophy and Values

Our philosophy

At Navigate it is our aim to operate always in the highest professional ethics and with absolute respect and responsibility to our customers. The ethos of our business is inextricably linked to our corporate identity. Our objective is the development of specialized telematic solutions and applications for fleets and vehicles that blend perfectly with your requirements and the operation of each business. The main objective is to help increase the productivity of each business and individual as well as to reduce expenses and operating costs. This is our commitment to you and we always move in the implementation of any project with a huge sense of responsibility. Our philosophy that shapes our corporate ethos is always based in our corporate principles that embody our values and our core ideas and beliefs which are:


We provide our services and we advise you in all honesty, which governs our overall attitude towards you from the very beginning of our cooperation and throughout its duration. We analyze everything according to your requirements and offer solutions and applications designed exclusively for you.


Our absolute professionalism guarantees that we offer all our services in the best possible way. Effectively, accurately and without complications we are methodically working to ensure you the best possible result.

Innovative Applications

We are not content with simple things and trivial, our goal is perfection at all levels of your service. Our research and development department of our company consisting of top scientists is always on top of the latest developments and bring the most advanced technology making it available to you.

Implementing your Requirements

We keep you informed about all the developments in the field for all possible applications and discuss with you exactly what you wish to implement in order to succeed. We aim to understand and we want you to realize the full extent.

We respect your time

We strive to be your ally in growing your business and respect your time. Our goal is always to distract you as little as possible from your work. You tell us what we want to implement. The solutions we recommend are readily implemented and integrated the first time in running your business. Without delays and other deviations from the program. Our purpose is to save you time with our services and not to spend unnecessarily.

Solutions that are integrated directly

The applications that we recommend are designed entirely for your own business and this is something that warrants immediate and complete assimilation to your company's working methods.

We guarantee immediate results of our applications

We guarantee the effectiveness of solutions and applications that we recommend. We want our applications to give you the opportunity to achieve your goals and to upgrade your business technologically.

Custom made Fleet Management and Tracking Solutions

In Navigate we offer you not just a telematics system for vehicles but we offer you a fully qualified solution that is appropriate for your requirements and help you save and achieve your goal whatever it may be. Contact us today for a specialized discussion of your requirements.

Head Office

34, 28th Octovriou Avenue
184 51, Νikaia
Piraeus, Greece


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