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Vehicle Tracking

Real Time Vehicle Tracking

The globalised nature of the current business practices and the highly competitive environment in which they are called to operate, with the satisfaction of the high consumer expectations being put at the forefront, make it pertinent for all businesses to operate in the most efficient way...

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Route Information

Telenosis software enables allows direct access over the entire fleet activity in a user friendly and easy way via your computer or smart phone or tablet through our IOS or Android apps.

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Distance traveled

Telenoisis software allows to keep track of the distance traveled by one or all of the corporate vehicles at a selected time and date. The distance traveled allows you to further extract valuable conclusions about the fleet performance, such as the fuel consumption of each vehicle, the cost of its maintenance and many more...

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Telenoisis software allows your fleet manager to plan and coordinate the daily routes more efficiently by eliminating unnecessary or decreasing stop durations. This can be achieved by the assessment of the following information which is displayed..

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Route re-play

The ability to replicate the total daily route gives the back office the opportunity to improve the coordination of all routes and deliveries...

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